July 11, 2015

Hosted Weeks

Hosted all inclusive weeks.


We are very happy to offer to your group hosted weeks at any time of the year at Costa de Cocos, Xcalak.

Benefit from everything included by an all-inclusive lodge trip with the added benefit of having Nick Denbow leading the week and directing the fishing at NO EXTRA COST. Nick will plan the weeks fishing with the lodge guides and will also be on the water every day. Nick will take turns being an extra guide (and pair of eyes) in each boat plus, when wading, both fishermen will have their own guide. For more details and information on the lodge, the fishing and the rates see: http://www.costadecocos.com/fishing.html

Our hosted weeks apply to all-inclusive packages of 5 days fishing or more with a minimum group size of 6. Maximum capacity 12.

Suggested best months for fishing November to May inclusive.