June 16, 2015


Fly Fishing School and Beach Classes. Duration 3.5 hours.

$150 (USD) one on one tuition.
$220 (USD) groups of 2 to 4 people.

Beach Walk and Wade, Tarpon lagoons by boat or combination of both.

$275 (USD) for 6 hours. Includes drinks and Snacks.
$350 (USD) for 10 hours. Includes, drinks, Snacks and Lunch.
*Tours also include all necessary equipment rods, reels, lines etc. Tour can include hotel pick up depending on lodging and fishing locations.*

Flats Fishing in Chetumal Bay.

$350 (USD) for 8 hour trip. Includes drinks, snacks and lunch. Tour starts and finishes in Xcalak. Can include hotel pick up if you are staying in Xcalak. Does not include equipment and flies.

Fish 2 Dish

$99 (USD) per person.
$129 (USD) for two people sharing a fishing rod. Please Note: The tour requires 2 FULL paying people to run, i.e. 2x $99 OR 1x $99 plus 1x $129 or any combination of more paying guests above these minimums.
*Prices include Fishing tour by boat with bottled water onboard, two drinks with a fresh fish lunch at Blue Reef Restaurant.*

Watercraft rental.

•For the adventurous, catchafish.net owns 3 SUPonTheFly inflatable stand up paddle boards complete with anchor, paddle, and ice chest/seat. These can be transported and inflated on any car without the need for a roof rack.

•We also have a Freedom Hawk 14 foot stand up kayak. This watercraft requires a vehicle with a roof rack to move it.

•Any of these watercraft means you can explore the cenote lagoons without a guide, or cover more water on the ocean or in the bays to increase your DIY possibilities.

•Price $40 (USD) per day or $100 (USD) per week.