June 16, 2015

Suggested Fly List

For beach fishing I have developed my own fly pattern over many years living here. It is a heavy Shrimp pattern similar to the variety of Spawning Shrimp patterns. Contact me for more details of this fly.

Nick's Fly

Nick’s Fly

Other beach flies should include Clouser deep water Minnows tied on a size 4 with lead eyes. Spawning Shrimp and Mantis Shrimp patterns tied on size 4 and 6 also with lead eyes. Turneffe crabs in tan size 8 and 6.



On the flats we use the lighter weighted Clouser minnows in tan and white size 6, Gregs flats fly in tan and white size 6 and 8, Hamiltons orange bearded Mantis and Bunny Gotchas both size 6.



In the Tarpon Lakes we use mainly darker flies like Black death variants, dark orange or brown cockroaches. Darker coloured baitfish like the EP baitfish series in olive and yellow, tan or black and purple all work well also.



You should also have a few gurglers and poppers in your box, these will also work on the beach for big Jacks and other predators. Nothing too long (3” max) size 1 to 1/0 maximum.




Beck’s Fleeing Crab